Welcome to Marudhara College (A Unit of Marudhara Group Of Education)

The MARUDHARA POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE was established in 2009 for providing leadership in education and research with a focus on Technology. It is one of the three technological institutions under MARUDHARA GROUP of education.

Education is the most important investment in the field of human resource development building the human capital, which is a driver for technological innovation and economic growth of the country. In present scenario of globalization, technical education has occupied the center stage.

Scientific community has been significantly transformed into an interactive global community sharing concepts, exchanging ideas and collaborating on projects with an international yardstick. Web based learning system, importance of video conferencing in learning and research are considered these days as common practices in the myriad developing fields all over.

This institute, with dedicated faculty and excellent infrastructure facilities, is reckoned as one of the best technological institutions with potential for excellence in the country.

 Welcome to the trends setters paradise. God has created the earth and you and me to make heaven on it. Every individual is filled with talents. It is only our attitude that decides our outcome. At MPC we have the rich experience of global trends in engineering education.

We know the art of identifying individual talents and nurturing them into talented engineers and professionals. If you are prepared to be path breaking professionals poised to miracles on the earth, the right destination is MPC. Learn from the masters who know nothing less than excellence. Come, on let us all make a happy heaven on the earth and adopt the theory of 3Ds that play a vital role to get success in your life:



 Aditya Dhaka

 B.Tech, M.Tech-IIT Bombay