Welcome to Marudhara College (A Unit of Marudhara Group Of Education)

The institute has fully equipped labs with latest equipment’s to impart practical training to students relevant to the needs of the hour. The electrical labs are: Basic Electrical Engg., Electrical Engg. Design & Drawing, Electrical workshop, Electrical Machines, Electrical & Electronics Engineering Materials etc.

Electrical Department:

Electrical Engineering is a branch of science and technology which deals with electricity. It is 23230.basically the backbone of all the modern day world of engineering. Even, the overall growth of India and the whole world depends upon the new inventions, the advances & trends in the field of electricity. In modern day life, we need faster transport, faster communication and faster manufacturing process and all these require electricity.

Our Institute is providing complete and the latest equipments and infrastructure for the Electrical Engineering Department to train the young students and help them to be more skillful in the field of Electrical Engg. Their knowledge is updated constantly by providing them sufficient practical as well as theoretical exposure. We have latest labs equipments with easy diagram to study complex circuits. The students are made acquainted with the massive information in generation, transmission, distribution and traction to meet the energy needs of rapidly growing India.

Departmental Labs of Electrical Engineering

Electrical Machine Lab:- This lab is most important from electrical point of view and consists of equipments like Auto- transformer, DC shunt motor , starter, squirrel cage induction motor, synchronous motor, for understanding the characteristics and operation by machines used in industry and other areas ,we have established a machine lab in which DC and AC (1 phase and 3 phase ) supply is given for various experiments performed in lab. There are three types of machines are used in machine lab.one shot of dc machine experiment tells the characteristics under various circumstances, in another shots ac machine experiments like forwarding/reversing of single phase induction motor are performed.

Electrical Work Shop Lab: This lab consists cut model of various machines like D.C machine and single phase induction motor etc and various electrical tools. Workshop is introduced in the course to get students familiar with the tools used in electrical system with the proper knowledge of tools ,one can used it at proper place. Various types of tools like spanner ,hot and cold chieser , hexa drill machine ,screw driver, test pin are introduced in the course of experiment .  To wind the motor ,winding machine is installed at workshop, which is fully automatic, by doing experiment on it. Students can easily understand the construction part of the motor windings. This lab is designed for basic knowledge of electrical equipments like bulb, tube and house wiring etc.

Electronic Measurement and Instrumentation Lab: This lab is most important from electrical point of view and consists of equipments like C.R.O ,digital AVO meter, RLC bridge circuit kits etc. in the lab of EMMI. Students get aware of measuring instruments used in electrical and electronics lab .construction of emitter ,wattmeter ,voltmeter, frequency meter, moving coil instruments, moving iron instruments and magger are some fundamental experiment by which one can easily understood the concept used in measuring instruments.


Basic Electrical Engineering Lab: In this lab, students learn all the fundamentals of basic electrical engineering. This lab is equipped with all the network theorems kits, basic electrical kits like Ohms law kit, KCL and KVL kits etc. In this lab, students get aware and more familiar with the concept by electrical branch. Various experiments performed in this lab is based on current voltage analogy ,series circuits, parallel circuits , LCR circuits and calibration of single phase energy meter , Ohm’s law is the experiment which helps the students to understand basic concepts used in electrical branch.


The Workshop/Shops are equipped with modern machinery and provide all facilities to the students. These are listed below:-

  1. Library Science Workshop
  2. Typewriters Workshop
  3. Fitting Shop
  4. Carpentry Shop
  5. Welding Shop
  6. Wiring and Soldering Shop