Welcome to Marudhara College (A Unit of Marudhara Group Of Education)

This department offers three year Diploma program. This program prepare students for professional practice in the field of Architecture. It has a bright scope and provides exposure to students in various fields for assessing and discovering their own talent for future development.

The department is fully equipped with well furnished drawing studios, building material museum, Audio visual lab Model making workshop and resource centre. Being a part of an Engineering institute the Department has an added advantage of access to various faculties available in Engineering Departments.

The students are taken to various places of architectural interest all over the country to develop their visual sensitivity to make them aware of rich architectural heritage of our country. The department offers several elective subjects i.e. Landscape Design, Rural Architecture, Interior Design, Town Planning, City Planning etc.

Architecture is the art and science of designing buildings and structures. An architect has to keep viability, cost to the builder as well as the functional and aesthetic aspects in mind. While planning a structural design, the architect has to weave interplay of space, volume, texture, light, shadow or abstract elements to achieve pleasing aesthetics.

In this way architecture is different from applied science or engineering, which concentrate more on the functional aspects of the structure. In other words one can say that Architect embraces both functional as well as aesthetic aspects. As urbanization and real estate sector is booming .There is a plenty of job opportunities in architecture for the budding architects.